Scared To Put Myself Out There

When you’re up to something BIG and it scares the hell out of you . . .

Are you working on doing something that’s really BIG?

That scares . . . and excites you?

Believe me, I know this can bring up our BIGGEST, scariest fears.

But the world NEEDS your gifts, your creativity, all of YOU.

So tap with me to calm that primal fear that could keep you small and hidden.

(Wondering what the heck this tapping stuff is?  Check it out here. Then come back HERE to tap!)

Whoa!  This is scary!
I’ve been working for MONTHS on this
And now it’s time to GO PUBLIC!

This brings up ALL my biggest fears.
Will it be good enough?
Will I be good enough?
Will they like it?
Will they LAUGH at me?
Will they Criticize me?
Or, worse yet, will they IGNORE me?

This is super scary.
The WORST fear.
Fear of being ostracized by my tribe.
That’s a really big primal fear.
I’m just going to acknowledge that I have it.
And it’s an intelligent fear to have.
We died if we were kicked out of our tribe.

Why did I put myself out there in this way?
This is too risky.
Too dangerous.
I could DIE.
Not safe. Not safe. Not safe.

I’m just gonna crawl in a hole right now.
Pull the plug on this whole thing.
Tell my coach, my colleagues I’ve CHANGED MY MIND.

Oh God, I can’t do that.
Criticize me.
Actually, they’ll tell me the outright LIE that I’ve got nothing to fear.
Not true.

But the truth is I’m on a moving train.
It’s scary as hell to stay on it.
But it’s pretty much impossible to jump off.

I just want to love and honor and appreciate
that scared and vulnerable and terrified
and wanting-to-turn-back part of me.
I get you.
I love you.
I need you and appreciate you.

You keep me from running in front of traffic
You help me put on my brakes when a car swerves in front of me.
You keep me alert alone at night in the city.
You remind me to lock my door,
Close the blinds at night
I love you and I wouldn’t be alive today without you.

So thank you, fear.
You are my protector.

But dammit, it’s hard to live with you!
You wake me up at night and send a surge of fear flooding through my body.
It’s exhausting to live with you!
You steal my energy.
You obliterate my creativity
You rob me of essential sleep
You fill my head with thoughts of doom and failure and mortification.

Dammit, this thing I’m doing is NOT a pending car wreck (hopefully!:-)
When you’re filling my body with all this fear,
you are working against me instead of with me.
I need you on my side!
I am coming out big time
with something brand-new and hopefully fabulous.
I have a bunch of things to do to get ready.
I need you to relax,
And step aside so I can get things done.

If you can be supportive, encouraging, even cheerleading,
that would be amazing.
But if you can’t, that’s okay.
I ask you to give me this chance.
Step back, so I can do my work.

Fear, you know that I love you, honor you, value you,
couldn’t live without you.
But this is not the type of dangerous situation
that I need you to protect me from.

I am strong enough to do this!
I am prepared!
I have worked HARD for this
And I want to complete what I’ve started

FEAR, you KNOW this about me.
Of course, I want to succeed.
And . . .
I can handle criticism.
And if I fall,
If I fail,
I will get back up and go for it again.

I am doing this
and I am so proud of myself
for daring to dream this big!

I am a HERO!
A strong and courageous woman,
just for getting this far.

I stand for all courageous
and trembling women and men on this planet
when I step out to share my work.

My heart is brimming with the desire to share my brilliance,
and my gifts, with those who want them.

I do this for myself
I do this for the planet
I do this for all women who have gifts to share

I can do this!
You can do this!
We can do this!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Yes! Yes! Yes!







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