Client Success Showcase

Come witness how 6 women overcame their fears and created life-changing businesses.

This group interview was SO MUCH FUN!

When you watch, you’ll learn:

  • Why they created their business
  • What was the biggest challenge they had to overcome to create their business
  • You’ll get a short and fun training from each woman related to the work they do
  • How you could join a group of magnificent women to grow YOUR business!

You’ll meet:

jyJ3wsEwrx6S7vhktAZQC-pSisQSyCxRT05vDVgntGo,Nj63VkGt17dt5xTdec5QJwUxM5HkEoNlaR0Bx5rfSwUAnnie Sorell, Authentic Life Coach and Equestrian Mentor

Armidale, NSW, Australia  

Join Annie to learn a simple way to clear resistance to change and set yourself free to be yourself.


11872245_467974916742594_7685293951379779361_oErin Stephanie, Fearless Leader for the Highly Awesome

Vancouver Island, BC Canada (but I work with people all over the world)

Have fun learning how to increase your emotional acceptance, experience and release painful emotions through art.

Witness Erin create a piece of art before our eyes! 

closeupfrancieFrancie Desmone, Doctor of Acupuncture, Self Care Coach

I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and I work with clients all over the world. 

Learn about the Four Pillars of Health and how they can bring whole health.

Natural first aid tips, and using the 4 Pillars for optimal brain function.

You can meet Francie at


My fab foto from Ignite 2015Laura Mazza GonickLMHC, Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach

Transformational Wealth and Success Coach, EFT Practitioner and Psychotherapist, International Speaker and Workshop Leader

Bilingual – Spanish

Laura lives in Western Mass – Northampton Area

Join us to learn from Laura her version of how the Soul Profiles (developed by Rhys Thomas and taught by Margaret Lynch) has impacted Laura’s life, relationships and Coaching – helping people embrace who they are and create the life they desire, inspired in their Soul Calling!

IMG_2911Meryl Hershey Beck, M.A., M.Ed., LPCC, Queen of Emerging Joy

Tucson, AZ 

Join me to tap away those darn cravings or ease stress using SourceTapping®.



head shot from November 2015Dr. Sheran Mattson, Life Coach

Tempe, AZ assist through face to face, phone and Skype

Sheran taught her Recognize and Release Visualization Technique to quickly reduce and eliminate the intensity of negative emotions embedded in the memory of event in order to more effectively deal with the situation and or the people involved.


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.47.14 AM



Natalie Hill, The Sacred Business Coach

Tucson, Arizona

Apply for your custom 2016 Prosperity Blueprint by filling out the application and putting down your fully refundable $100 deposit here.


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